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I am trying to get xml content from a web page on Delphi XE3, coding on firemonkey for the Mac OS X platform. On Windows I can just use the Filename property on a TXMLDocument, but it seems on Firemonkey for Mac this is disabled.

The URL I am trying to read: http://thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=New Girl

If I plug it into a browser I get the URL as: http://thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=New%20Girl, and the page contains xml content I am trying to access.

I have been trying to use IdHTTP.Get to get the content into a memory stream, and it works fine if the page has an .XML file target, but with the above URL it does not work. Even if I use the second altered url it just returns exceptions.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

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The URL must be encoded, so using the second form is correct. What is the exception you get? Please show some code. On the TXMLDocument component, the DOMVendor should be ADOM XML not MSXML, and you must remove Xml.Win.msxmldom from the Uses clause. – Marcus Adams Oct 9 '13 at 16:23
Setting the TXMLDocument.FileName to a URL is not guaranteed to work, it is very vendor-specific. So using TIdHTTP is a wise choice. Using the second URL works fine for me when I try it, I do get the expected XML: IdHTTP.Get('http://thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=New%20Girl', Stream); – Remy Lebeau Oct 9 '13 at 18:53

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