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I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question, as I do not exactly know what terms and technologies are involved.

When you open a .cs file in Visual Studio, the code editor opens and displays the content in the main window (Code Editor) with syntax highlighting and stuff. When you open a .txt file, the same thing happens, except without any fancy extras because it's a plain text.

But now, there are several files that open a whole custom UI that enables you to edit the base file .xxx with the help of dialogs etc.

As an example, a ftp client: In the project, there's a file something.ftp with the following content:

connection = [
   port: 21
   startdir: "C:\dasdasd\asdasd"

So a UI pops up where you can edit the base file window based, connect to a remote server, view its remote directory contents etc.

Are those so called Shell Extensions? Or Add-ins? Or Project Types?

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I believe they are called Custom Editors, check out this for some info on how to create one. You will want to create your own Document View. This explains how to register for a specific extension.

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