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I have to develop a plug-in for an external program using C#. I am an experienced Qt/C++ programmer and the core of the plug-in is programmed in C++.

My first idea was to program GUI in C#, which write settings to a text file and then call the core C++ code, as an external process, with this textfile as an input.

However I also noticed that there is something called the QAxServer Module in Qt that should make it possible to run Qt/C++ GUI code from C# (trough ActiveX). I experimented a bit with this and it seemed a bit "shaky".

Do you have any experiences with this you could share?

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I would look at writing a C++/CLI (i.e. Managed C++) shim to launch your plug-in and be the bridge between it and the main application.

This will allow you to call into (or be called from) the C# application on one side and talk native C++ on the other.

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Qyoto seems to be the most active Qt binding for .NET.

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There is also the "QT for .NET" project.

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It requires Qt-Jambi (Java), it is not a good option in IMO. – Sharique May 3 '10 at 11:26

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