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I get the error : OIP-04908: This operation is not permitted on a Null LOB when Set MyClOB_0 = lOraDynaset_0.Fields("FILE_BODY").Value lOraDynaset_0.Edit amount_written = MyClOB_0.Write(buffer, chunksize, ORALOB_FIRST_PIECE)

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I've just had the same problem when trying to insert into an Oracle CLOB field.

I got around it by:

  1. Setting the Oracle field to 'Empty' (the VB6 keyword Empty - e.g. MyClOB_0.Value = Empty)
  2. Performing the insert (e.g. lOraDynaset_0.Update)
  3. Editing the dynaset record (e.g. lOraDynaset_0.Edit)
  4. Setting the Clob field value to what you want it
  5. Performing the update (e.g. lOraDynaset_0.Update)

Hope this helps (sorry if its not clear)

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No idea what you're talking about, but you deserve an upvote. –  Potatoswatter Mar 19 '10 at 1:49

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