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Imagine you've got 3 tables: users, songs, and users_songs. Users are editors of their own songs or songs they've been invited to edit but they can't edit anyone elses.




is_ready is either 0 or 1 - it means that the song is not ready/ready to be displayed in a listing on the front page.

I want to select ALL the songs that are owned by the current user id, whether ready=1 or ready=0, but only select the songs that are ready=1 if they're owned by other user ids.

I think I might be asking for conflicting joins so I'm not sure if it's possible..

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How do you know if the user has been invited to edit the song. It's not clear from the structure. –  user1455836 Oct 9 '13 at 14:21
Their ID would be in users_songs. –  James F Oct 9 '13 at 14:33
If so, I think Alma Do Mundo's answer is the one –  user1455836 Oct 9 '13 at 14:37

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It will be like ($user_id is current user id):

    LEFT JOIN users_songs ON songs.id=users_songs.song_id
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SELECT songs.*
FROM songs, users, users_songs
WHERE users.id = users_songs.user_id 
AND (users_songs.song_id = songs.id OR songs.is_ready = 1)
AND users.id = [current user id]

Try and let us know if that's what you meant.

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You can do this all in one query.

See example here

SELECT us.user_id, s.name, s.is_ready
FROM songs s, users u, users_songs us
WHERE us.song_id = s.id
(u.id = us.user_id 
OR (us.user_id <> u.id AND s.is_ready = true))
AND u.id = 1;
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