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I have a Rails application running on heroku and i am connecting at two dbs hosted in mongolab (X and Y).

I have configured two heroku env variables containing the connection strings. When i query on Y all works fine but when i query on X db it gives me the error 16550 : "not authorized for query on X.table".

I have setted up correctly both env variables for these connections and also have a valid user to access X db.

If i connect with the shell all works fine.

How can i solve this?

Here is the error message in rails:

"error":"The operation: #<Moped::Protocol::Query\n  @length=88\n  @request_id=4\n  @response_to=0\n  
@op_code=2004\n  @flags=[:slave_ok]\n  
@skip=0\n  @limit=0\n  
failed with error 16550: \"not authorized for query on X.table\"\n\n
See https://github.com/mongodb/mongo/blob/master/docs/errors.md\nfor details about this error."}
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I solved this, if someone comes here with the same problem : look at your table model, if as in my case it is "stored_in" another database you must specify there the session of the the uri = evn variables on datbase.yml

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