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I've done a fair amount of research to find audit library which integrated well with JPA and java/play.

I found nothing simple and ready to use (I'm maybe wrong about this). However I found this :

And I have implemented simple AuditListener class that has two simple methods :

    public void prePersist(Object object) {
        if(object instanceof MyObj){
            MyObj brand = (MyObj) object;
  "waaaa " + br.toString());

    public void preUpdate(Object object) {
        if(object instanceof Brand){
            MyObj br = (MyObj) object;
  "waaaazaa update" + br.toString());

And I'm able to debug the code and I can see that this is working. However I'm supposed to develop some auditing mechanism that later on is gonna know what has changed on the certain object.

Ex :

Obj a = new Obj(); = "My name is T";;

And this would trigger prepresist, and nothing has changed in this case I can just simply write to my audit table, new object created. However if the update happens :

Obj a = getItFromMyDB; "My name has changed";

The PreUpdate is triggered. How would I know what the value of this object was before it was updated?

In this preupdate method I get only the new updated object. If I knew how to get the "old" object I could then compare them and save the change in my audit db.

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Have you had a look at Envers? You annotate your persistent class, or some of its properties that you want to audit, with @Audited. For each audited entity a table will be created that will hold the history of changes made to the entity. You can then retrieve and query historical data.

Phil Wilson has written a good article on using Envers from Play!

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