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I am working on a set of Python scripts that are supposed to manipulate ESX virtual machines vApp properties. I've found pySphere and I was able to add/edit the key/label/value properties, however, I cant seem to find a way to retrieve those in any way - there's no documentation on pySphere project about that, and the classess/methods are lacking docstrings, so iPython wasnt very helpul.

Would anyone know a way to list those attributes, or could point me to the source that talks about using pySphere to do so?


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I get vApp properties with this script:

s = VIServer()
s.connect('', 'username', 'password')
vm = s.get_vm_by_name('vm01')
props = s._retrieve_properties_traversal(property_names=[''], obj_type="VirtualMachine", from_node=vm._mor)
for prop_set in props:
    for prop in prop_set.PropSet:
        for i in prop.Val.get_element_VAppPropertyInfo():
            print i.get_element_label() + ' = ' + i.get_element_value()

Not very nice, but works.

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I am trying to do something very similar here. I need to pull the name of guest, host or datastore. How would I retrieve the name of the object (host, guest or datastore) and assign it to a variable (called Name:). Here is what I have: for item in results: name=item.Name for p in item.PropSet: if p.Name=="summary.capacity": Metric="Total_Capacity" data_host=(d,Name,Metric,p.Val) print data_host – user1471980 Nov 11 '14 at 18:23

Edit: The question is about retrieving properties. The following doesn't answer, but if you happen into this thread (as I did) looking to add/edit/remove properties, you might find this answer useful.

Googling pysphere vApp properties yields this relevant discussion as first result: Access to, and modify, a VMs vApp Properties.

To quote the gist of the recipe:

# ... import, connect to server etc. ...

request = VI.ReconfigVM_TaskRequestMsg()
_this = request.new__this(vm._mor)

spec = request.new_spec()
vappconfig = spec.new_vAppConfig()

# e.g.
prop = vappconfig.new_property()
info = prop.new_info()


task = viserver._proxy.ReconfigVM_Task(request)._returnval
vi_task = VITask(task, viserver)

status = vi_task.wait_for_state([vi_task.STATE_SUCCESS,

The link itself gives out a nicer wrapper for making multiple add/edit/remove modifications defined by a dictionary. Check it out.

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This is exactly what I can do - add, edit and remove existing properties, and it is not an answer to the quesion how to retrieve/check current existing ones... – SpankMe Dec 30 '13 at 11:26
You're absolutely right! Teaches you a lesson on answering questions at 4 AM. Brain must have been offline at the time... Good luck with the real question! – Yonatan Dec 30 '13 at 13:57

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