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I am trying to fetch values stored in PostgreSQL 9.1. The field type is "timestamp with time zone". The value stored is "-infinity". When I use JPA / Hibernate annotation it provides me with a weird date value. My Entity Java class has declared the date as java.util.Date().

Here is the System.out when I print my Date from Java that JPA / Hibernate retrieves from PGSQL.

292269055-12-02 23:00:00.0

Here is a snippet of my Java Entity showing annotation for my date type.

    @Column( name = "from_date")
    private Date    from_date;

I've read somewhere that PostgreSQL's JDBC driver can store and read timestamp values stored as "-infinity" and "infinity". If Hibernate / JPA doesn't support that is it possible to use custom converter to get these values?


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Do you need specifically the Postgre Infinity? Otherwise just create your own. The Java Date maximum year and the Postgre Infinity Year are different anyway.

public class InfinityProducer {

  public Date getInfinity() {
     Date date = new Date();
     return date;
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