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When installing a package using pip, I get the following message:

Obtaining some-package from git+git://github.com/some-user/some-package.git@commit-hash#egg=some_package-dev (from -r requirements.txt
 (line 3))
  git clone in /Users/me/Development/some-env/src/some-package exists with
 URL https://github.com/some-user/some-package.git
  The plan is to install the git repository git://github.com/some-user/some-package.git
What to do?  (s)witch, (i)gnore, (w)ipe, (b)ackup

I see that this particular case is probably caused by a change of protocol in URL (new requirement uses git://, while the one already installed uses https://).

However, I wonder what exactly happens if I choose either of the choices (switch, ignore, wipe, backup). I'm unable to find an explanation in pip documentation.

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git clone in X/some-package exists with. He is complaining that you already have that package and doesn't know what you wanted to do(remove the installed one? make a backup of it? Ignore its existence? No idea what switch means however. Probably pip would keep both installed but "hide" one of them[like when choosing between versions of the same software]). –  Bakuriu Oct 9 '13 at 18:38
Yeah, that's what I want to figure out. “Wipe” probably means remove existing, “backup”—same but keep a copy. “Ignore” is less clear, though, and “switch” is very vague. Anyway, it'd be good to know for sure each option's intended meaning. –  Anton Strogonoff Oct 10 '13 at 2:48

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A patch has been merged into the PIP documentation, but it is not part of a released version yet. (https://github.com/pypa/pip/commit/b5e54fc61c06268c131f1fad3bb4471e8c37bb25). Here is what that patch says:

--exists-action option

This option specifies default behavior when path already exists. Possible cases: downloading files or checking out repositories for installation, creating archives. If --exists-action is not defined, pip will prompt when decision is needed.

  • (s)witch

    Only relevant to VCS checkout. Attempt to switch the checkout to the appropriate url and/or revision.

  • (i)gnore

    Abort current operation (e.g. don't copy file, don't create archive, don't modify a checkout).

  • (w)ipe

    Delete the file or VCS checkout before trying to create, download, or checkout a new one.

  • (b)ackup

    Rename the file or checkout to {name}{'.bak' * n}, where n is some number of .bak extensions, such that the file didn't exist at some point. So the most recent backup will be the one with the largest number after .bak.

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Thanks. Great to have this in docs. –  Anton Strogonoff Apr 25 at 15:22

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