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I am trying to write a script that sends text and gets output from a given .exe file. The .exe file sends to its output what the script will send to its input. Send input and read output should be done using different threads.

import subprocess
proc=subprocess.Popen(['file.exe'],stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)

stdout, stdin = proc.communicate()
print result

Now I can't find a way to communicate using separate threads.

Any guidance or help is appreciated.

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Maybe you can try something like this. You send the input in the main thread and get the output in another.

class Exe(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, text=""):
    self.text = text
    self.stdout = None
    self.stderr = None

def run(self):
    p = subprocess.Popen(['file.exe'],stdout=subprocess.PIPE,stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
    self.stdout, self.stderr = p.communicate(self.text)

text = "input"
exe = Exe(text)
print exe.stdout
return 0
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