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I saved dom elements to variable names trying to increase performance (not having to traverse the dom everytime).

listGroupsExport = $('#listGroupsExport');

But now I want to call out each LI of that UL. Is there a way to still use the variable name and do the equivalent of $('') using the var name?

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Yes you can use find to find the descendants of your element.


if you want to just get the children then:


Another way is to use context in the selector:

$('li', listGroupsExport); //But find will be faster

By the way your selector should anyways be $('#listGroupsExport .li'); //Note the space

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I was going to comment about how your selector should never involve children, that find will always be faster, but i think u covered the options. context in selectors is super old school though. – PlantTheIdea Oct 9 '13 at 16:09

You can use .find() to find the descedents of an element

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