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I'm runnning an online store using Magento on a VPS I own with a dedicated IP address. The problem I'm facing is that all emails are sent to SPAM.

I've read that shared servers / IPs can have problems and be flagged as SPAM but I believe my case is different.

When the email is sent, in the email header, I get something like: "Sent from example@mydomain.com through strange.server.name.com" like what happens for codewars.com emails (Codewars info@codewars.com through mail130.wdc02.mcdlv.net). Gmail sends the emails from my domain to SPAM but for codewars, to the inbox, so there is no problem in this.

What do I need to configure (in Magento and/or server) to solve this? I don't use any tool like cpanel...

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I'm sure there's a canonical dupe around here somewhere, but just go read this for now: codinghorror.com/blog/2010/04/… –  Charles Oct 9 '13 at 16:34

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We worked around this issue by first by configuring postfix correctly (take a look at your /etc/postfix files). The problem areas you should look for is the myhostname, myorigin and other local delivery maps if there are any.

Doing this, did work for us for a little bit (like a few weeks). However what gave us a more permanent solution was to move our outgoing mail (SMTP) via services like mailgun. There are tons of options including Google Apps for Business.

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