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I am just getting started with sphinx and willing to learn.

I would like to break up my various functions into different sections within my index.rst file. So each function has it's own header.

So for example if I have a python file named test.py and within that file I have 2 functions

def foo():
    """This prints bar"""

def bar():
    """This prints foo"""

How could I within the index.rst separate the 2 functions within my test.py file.

:mod:`test` -- foo
.. automodule:: test.foo
:mod:`test` -- bar
.. automodule:: test.bar

If I can figure out how to separate the functions so it looks cleaner in the index.html that would be great! As it is now the output is not very clean if I just run the following below:

:mod:`test` -- these are my functions
.. automodule:: test
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You can use autofunction. Like this:

The test module

The test module contains...

.. currentmodule:: test

The foo function

.. autofunction:: foo

The bar function

.. autofunction:: bar
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