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I have a mountable Rails Engine with its own models and namespaced tables (MountableEngine). I have another engine, a --full one, with its own schema (FullEngine). What I'd like is to include both of these engines into an actual app, but only include the full engine, i.e. FullEngine in the app's GemFile.

Is this possible? I haven't tried testing this in a skeleton Rails app, but in the FullEngine, I've included the mountable engine in its Gemfile, like so:

gem 'mountable_engine', path: "../my/path/mountable_engine"

But running the migrations in FullEngine, I get this error:

rake mountable_engine:install:migrations
Don't know how to build task 'mountable_engine:install:migrations'

The reason why I want the migrations to run in the FullEngine is that I want FullEngine to encapsulate the combined logic and functionality of the two engines, so that the actual app inherits it all by just including FullEngine

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I followed the instructions found on Pivotal Lab's blog here, leave your migrations in your Rails engines, which advises you to monkey patch the Rails::Engine class to append your engine's migration paths to the invoking app's migration path setup:

initializer :append_migrations do |app|
  unless app.root.to_s.match root.to_s
    app.config.paths["db/migrate"] += config.paths["db/migrate"].expanded

So I'm not sure if the answer to my question is: "Yes, and that's a good idea to structure your engines that way"...but this monkey-patch at least allows all migrations to run from your dependent engines.

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