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I'm trying to implement OAuth2 on my server and am using Pyramid. I've come across several libraries written in Python, but many are either out of date (supports OAuth1), including the very misleadingly-named python-oauth2. I'm new to OAuth (and Python/Pyramid), so the documentation would be nice or at the very least an example to work from. This article is over a year and a half old, yet the same issues persist. I came across OAuthLib, but the documentation for creating a provider is based on OAuth1 and I'm not sure how to integrate it with Pyramid. Any suggestions?

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There's a library called 'authomatic' on github that I've played with that so far seems to be pretty straightforward and easy to use. Prior to that I'd looked at another one called 'velruse' that also seemed to be pretty flexible. But for my needs now authomatic seems to work pretty well.

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I love the demo. –  Tshepang Oct 11 '13 at 8:49
Both look nice, but I only saw consumer OAuth2...I need to authorize people to authenticate on my server (unless I completely missed it in their docs) –  kristen Oct 11 '13 at 12:03

Some time ago, I had to implement Facebook/Google authentication in a web site, and I found it quite a mess until I found velruze. It works really fine and it's easy to use.

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I tried several oauth libraries.

The best I found (or the only one that really works for me) is Authomatic. I'm using it on a Pyramid site at Appengine.

Authomatic is framework agnostic. You can follow an example using authomatic with pyramid here

I had not lucky with Velruse. It uses 'requests' library, and it didn't work well in my sites. I had to hack it to use urllib3 directly for make it work.

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correct me if I'm wrong but I need to create an OAuth2 provider and neither Authomatic nor Velruse will do that. Both seem to be consumer only. –  kristen Feb 4 at 17:22
Excuse me, my mistake. –  Hernán Acosta Feb 6 at 2:06

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