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I recently installed ruby 2.0.0 using rvm and also created a new gemset for this install. I noticed that whenever I switch to ruby 1.9.3 (my old installed version), it knows to use the gemset that I created for that version of ruby.

My only problem is that when I switch to ruby 2.0 it does not know that it has to use the gemset that I created for that particular installation. Is there a way to setup rvm such that it automatically loads my gemset when the ruby version is switched.

In short, I am trying to avoid doing this

rvm use 2.0.0
rvm gemset use rails-4.0
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You can create RVM alias:

rvm alias create rails-4.0 2.0.0@rails-4.0

use it with:

rvm rails-4.0

You can also set rails-4.0 gemset default to Ruby 2.0.0 with:

rvm use 2.0.0@rails-4.0 --default
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is aliasing the only option? I guess rvm does not have any way of doing this automatically. – tawheed Oct 9 '13 at 16:51
@ashley_bubbles no, look at my edited answer. – Marek Lipka Oct 9 '13 at 16:51

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