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I'm using an Web Deployment project to do a few post build tasks on a website I'm deploying.

I want to use a FileUpdate task to update my web.config and change the compilation mode from debug="true" to debug="false".

So, from this

<compilation defaultLanguage="c#"
                 debug="true" />

To this

<compilation defaultLanguage="c#"
                 debug="false" />

My FileUpdateTask looks like this

<FileUpdate Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Release|AnyCPU'"
                ReplacementText="debug=\"false\"" />

but that is completely invalid as you can't escape a quote in XML.

How else can I match the debug attribute in the Regex and have a valid ReplacementText value?


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either use the XmlUpdate task from MSBuild Community Tasks or try a regex of:

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