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I am working on a Python Flask application in Ubuntu under VirtualBox, run from OSX. Now I want to connect my python application from OSX (the host OS). I am using a NAT networking, and already read about Port Forwarding (which I think it's very easy). But, somehow if I test my application using Google Chrome, try to open http://localhost:8888 (my server in Ubuntu listen to port 8888), chrome return with Server return no response (or kinda)

I have issue the following command in OSX terminal : `VBoxManage modifyvm "Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS" --natpf1 "fikrposdc,tcp,,8888,,8888". And my python application already listening to port 8888, :

* Running on

I've read that in Ubuntu, by default there is no firewall. So, I try to netstat, but issuing `netstat | grep LISTEN didn't gave any output...

Is there something that I missed?


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are you trying to access the server FROM chrome on OSX? if so it should be ip.of.your.vbox:8888, not localhost. Is your flask app running? –  dm03514 Oct 9 '13 at 17:59
Hi, I just solved my problem. The Flask app is running.Using NAT networking + port forwarding, I can use localhost:888 in chrome. VirtualBox will forward it to my guest OS. Using the IP method, seems to work if I use bridged networking. But somehow I can't use bridge networking. It's another issue, that is, I got to reinstall VirtualBox in OSX if I want to use Bridge networking. Which is totally unacceptable :) –  swdev Oct 9 '13 at 18:04

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Having read related question, I found this question with the exact same problem. And I modify my code to run the application :

app.run(host="", port=8888)

Now I can continue my work!


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