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Ive asked a similar question before but i was really unclear so ive decided to use a more concrete example.

Does php save the result of the variable or does it save the procedure to run it? Why im wondering is if i store a function in it, does it store the return value or just copies the procedure


    function foo($something)

    for loop
       echo 'Something';


   return $something;

$b = foo(5);

from what i encountered just assigning the value executes the function. Which i dont want because i dont want to go through double the for loops and do double what could be inside.

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i dont want to go through double the for loops and do double what could be inside. -- could you explain? – Amal Murali Oct 9 '13 at 18:07
You are not "storing a function in it" when you run this line: "$b = foo(5);" -- you are running a function called foo with an argument of 5, and storing the returned value in a variable called $b. – MJB Oct 9 '13 at 18:11
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In PHP you can have both (either store result, or function's code)

if you write:

function foo()
    return 5;
$a = foo();

this will mean - execute function foo and store result into $a

if you write:

$a = function()
    return 5;

this will mean - store function's code into variable $a, then execute function stored in $a

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what if the function is stored in a object? Like i want to make $a = object->function but not execute it right away. – Dahnny012 Oct 9 '13 at 20:39
You can store even function name in variable and call it via call_user_func(array($obj, 'functioname'), $a), check out more at – Lashane Oct 9 '13 at 20:50

PHP is a strict programming language, meaning that expressions are always completely evaluated. The line

$b = foo(5);

computes the value for foo(5) before the assignment; PHP does not leave it as a thunk to be evaluated when or if the variable $b is used.

If you want to you can achieve something similar to a thunk by creating a closure, like this:

$b = function() { return foo(5); };

This will not evaluate foo(5) until its value is needed, and then to get the value you must call the closure as $b().

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