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does anyone know how to export list of group that has word Account in the front of it's name with their respective members.

Account Manager, Ryan.Luke,

I can only use dsget,dsquery, and maybe powershell. My environment is Windows Server 2003 x64.

So far I have this code just to get group names in one csv file ...

dsquery group "OU=xxx,DC=xxx" -name Account* | dsget group -samid > C:\allgroups.txt

and this powershell code to convert into csv format(from stackoverflow)

Get-Content "C:\allgroups.txt" | foreach-object {
    $group = $_ # grab current group name
    get-qadgroupmember $group -sizelimit 0 -indirect | `
        select-object samaccountname,@{n="GroupName";e={$group}}
} | export-csv C:\groupandmem.csv -notypeinformation

Please do help, and if you have resources available to test, can you test, I don't have environment access myself. Thanks

  • Ryan
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