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I have a SharePoint2010 list, "OurSites". It is used for tracking the birth and lifecycle of any new SharePoint sites, be they a top-level site in a site collection, or a site within a collection.

I have a PowerShell script, "SP_UpdateSites.ps1", which enumerates over all sites in a web application, checks if it exists in the "OurSites" list, and if not, adds it in.

Because of the differing permissions across various site collections, I run the PowerShell script using a farm admin account (I can hear people groaning already, yes I do. Your security concerns are duly noted). While it is obviously not an optimal solution, it does work. Interactively.

Logged onto the server as that farm acct, If I run the script via SP2010 Management Shell, right-click-run As Administrator, it works as desired. The list is updated.

If I run the very same script as a scheduled task, having set the task to run as the farm admin account, via the Task Scheduler (on a Win2k8 R2 server), though, it does not do any updates. The run result shows "success", but no updates.

In Task Scheduler, I do have the "run with highest privileges" box checked.

If I run the task, via the Task Scheduler, by clicking "Run" on the task, it does not do any updates. The run result shows "success", but no updates.

I don't know if I'm looking at a SharePoint idiosyncracy or a Task Scheduler issue. Ideas?

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