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What I would like to do is write a generic execute command wrapper "method" in a batch file. Here is an example of the method I want:

set cmd=%~1
echo Executuing cmd: %cmd%
CALL %cmd%
rem *** check some stuff and end

This works for simple commands but when the commands I want to execute has parameters and they require quotes, then things do not work so well:

cmd to execute:

:EXEC_CMD "test.bat "arg1" "arg 2" "a r g 3""


Executing cmd: test.bat "arg1" "arg

what is the best way to get the above to execute any command I give it? I tried escaping the nested double quotes and placing quotes in different spots but nothing has worked so far.

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set cmd=%*
echo Executuing cmd: %cmd%
CALL %cmd%
rem *** check some stuff and end
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I hate it when the answer is so simple! Thank you for answering such a simple question. Using %* did not even occur to me. – user972276 Oct 9 '13 at 19:30

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