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I am trying to parse a multilevel json file, create a model and then add that model to a backbone collection but i can't seem to figure out how to push the model to the collection. This should be a pretty easy problem to solve, i just can't seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance for your help. Below is my model and collection code:

var Performer = Backbone.Model.extend({

defaults: {
    name: null,
    top5 : [],
    bottom5 : []
initialize: function(){
    console.log("==> NEW Performer");

    // you can add event handlers here...


var Performers = Backbone.Collection.extend({

parse : function(data) {
    // 'data' contains the raw JSON object
    console.log("performer collection - "+data.response.success);

        _.each(data.result.performers, function(item,key,list){
            console.log("running for "+key);
            var tmpObject = {};
   = key;
            tmpObject.top5 = item.top5;
            tmpObject.bottom5 = item.bottom5;
            var tmpModel = new Performer(tmpObject);

        console.log("Failed to load performers");


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What does data.result.performers look like? What do you think this is inside the _.each callback? Never ever modifying a collection's models property, you will leave the collection in an inconsistent state, use the collection's methods to add new models. – mu is too short Oct 9 '13 at 19:50
Ditto to what mu said, but also not that the way parse needs to work is to take a data structure as an argument and return a different structure as a return value. It should not use this at all. In order to fix your parse code, we need to see a sample of the data.result.performers data because your code is half treating it like an object and half like an array of objects. – Peter Lyons Oct 9 '13 at 20:06
got it, i just used the var that = this trick and that solved the issue. I was trying to push to the models because the normal this.push wasn't working, now i know why. Thanks! – Jeff W Oct 9 '13 at 20:26
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As has been said in comments to your question, parse() is not intended to be used this way. If data.results.performers was an Array, all you would have to do is returning it. In your case the code will be slightly different.

var Performers = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    parse: function(resp, options) {
        return, function(item, key) {
            return _.extend(item, {name: key});

On the advice side, if you have the chance to change the API server-side, you'd probably be better off treating collections of objects as arrays and not as objects. Even if it is sometimes convenient to access an object by some ad-hoc key, the data really is an array.

You'll be able to transform it later when you need performers-by-name with a function like underscore's IndexBy

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