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I have earlier used mbunit 2 and with this plugin I could get my tests to run in the resharper test dialog.

Now with mbunit 3.1, I read that I didn't need any external plugin. So I donwloaded Gallio and got the new MbUnit.dll. Added a reference to it in my test-project.

Now it looks correct in visual studio. I've got the green/yellow circles next to the methods. But if I click and choose run, the test doesn't run. They appear in the resharper test dialog, but with a red line striking over the text and the icons being grey. No error message so it's hard to see what's wrong.

How do I get it to work? How do I see what's wrong with it?

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It should just work out of the box. I presume that you installed Gallio, didn't just grab the dlls out of the zip file or something.

Three things to try:

  1. Add a reference to Gallio.dll.

  2. Be sure to remove any remaining references to the old MbUnit v2 MbUnit.Framework.dll.

  3. Look in the Visual Studio Output window for log messages.

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