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I have this in my html template. I want the button to fire the showMore function when clicked.

<button ng-click="showMore(secondPage)">Show More</button>

This is the controller. I'm not sure why $scope.nextPage will increment up everywhere except for at $scope.secondPage. I want $scope.secondPage to do fire on the first click Entry.query({page: 2}) then fire Entry.query({page: 3}) on the next click. But right now it keeps firing page 2.

@MainController = ["$scope", "Entry", ($scope, Entry) ->
  $scope.entries = Entry.query({page: 1})

  $scope.nextPage = 2
  $scope.secondPage = Entry.query({page: $scope.nextPage})

  $scope.showMore = (secondPage) ->
    i = 0
    while i < secondPage.length
    console.log("nextpage" + $scope.nextPage)    


I am using coffeescript. I don't fully understand why the page number in $scope.secondPage is not incrementing.

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I'd do:

<button ng-click="showMore()">Show More</button>

@MainController = ["$scope", "Entry", ($scope, Entry) ->

  $scope.entries = []
  current_page = 1

  $scope.showMore = ->
    on_success = (entries)->
      $scope.entries = $scope.entries.concat entries
      current_page = current_page + 1
    Entry.query {page: current_page}, on_success

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Awesome! Thanks for the answer. So I don't just blindly accept this answer. I'll try to make sense of it. The main difference here is that you are calling Entry.query inside the $scope.showMore function which keeps the incremented current_page in the same scope as the current_page argument in Entry.query {page: current_page} – Hung Luu Oct 9 '13 at 23:59

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