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I am working on testing on Android application with UIautomator. As far as I saw with UIautomatorviewer, I could get to know all ids of UI components in the screen shot. Does that mean I can access the UI component even if a target application call another application. For example, PhotoStream app calls Gallery app when certain button is pressed and would receive ouput from Gallery app. I want to implement testing code which automatically pushes a button in Gallery app if UIautomator provide an API to access an UI component in another app which is called. Does UIautomator API provides such thing?

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using UiAutomator you can access any app that is visible on the screen. you don't need any extra API's

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"I could get to know all ids of UI components" - from what I know you dont have access to ID's, the best thing is to add some unique android:contentDescription to you UI elements and access them using its text. The problem is if your app is actually making use of contentDescription and ie. put there different strings depending on language

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