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I am trying to send emails from my rails 2.5 app through Amazon SES. For some reason, it won't accept my emails when the FROM address has a name I.E.

"Chuck Norris" <chuck@norris.com>

If I send the FROM email address as just chuck@norris.com, then it sends along just fine, so I know that the action mailer config is right.

I read the docs and still have no ideas about why it's failing. The address seems to be formatted correctly, and sends just fine through any other SMTP relay.

When I write the email address to the log file I see this:

"Saint Leo Admissions" <admissions@saintleo.edu>

Which looks good to me. But when I try to send the email, Amazon responds with this error message:

553 <Saint Leo Admissions <admissions@saintleo.edu> Invalid email address.

As you can see, the email address looks different when I dump it than it does in the error message. I've been stuck on this for a couple days. I even tried using a gem that is supposed to correctly format email addresses and had the same problem. I also tried single quotes around the vanity name and that gives me the same error. If I try to remove the <> then i get this error 501 Invalid MAIL FROM address provided

I'm stuck. Any ideas?

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How are you constructing the name + address string? Can you show that code? – Jeremy Green Oct 10 '13 at 5:38
@from = "\"#{recommendation.organization.settings[:outbound_emails][:from_vanity]}\" <#{recommendation.organization.settings[:outbound_emails][:from_address]}>" – MoDiggity Oct 10 '13 at 13:33

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