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I have small project consisting of one maven project and two maven modules. One of the modules is a webapp, and I'm using WTP to run all my web applications. Everything has been fine, until today when when the webapp started refusing to compile, citing:

Project 'sdx.client' cannot reference itself

If I remove the following line from the .classpath:

<classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.internal.web.container"/>

my project compiles again. From googling, I believe this is a WTP element, but I'm not really sure what it does and why it believes that it contains a reflexive reference to the project containing it. Suggestions for where to look to track down the source of the problem would be very welcome.


I haven't solved the problem, but I did make the symptoms go away by deleting the project and checking it out again from svn. So it looks like a bug somewhere, but I'm not sure where to report it or how to propose a decision procedure to determine when it's fixed.

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Checking it out again worked also for me. Thanks. – Juan Calero Sep 27 '13 at 13:15
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There is a discussion earlier this year in dev-eclipse: which suggests this may be a bug.

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-1 (link rot) - this resource no longer points to the answer. – 8bitjunkie Feb 5 '14 at 16:47

I had the same problem and found a way to fix it via the .classpath file in my project: This entry was causing the problem:

<classpathentry kind="lib" path="C:/....jar">
        <attribute name="javadoc_location" value="jar:file:/C:/....jar!/"/>

Comparing with a previous version, it turned out the following line went missing, after the <attribute name=...> line. Adding it again made the problem go away:

<attribute name="org.eclipse.jst.component.dependency" value="/WEB-INF/lib"/>

Not sure how to explain it, but perhaps it helps somebody.

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