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I am creating a Tree Table which list the Requests, Epics they contain and then the backlogs, such as this:

Request_1 |_Epic_1 |_Backlog_1 |_Backlog_2 ...

The relationship between the Epics and the backlogs and easy because the Backlog data contains the name of the Epic parent (in the answer REST) but I can't find the relationship Request -> Epic. Yet there is a relationship between the Request and the Epics that I can see in the web interface of Version One. Is there a way of finding this relationship?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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You can use meta.v1 to learn more about the attributes:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Request?xsl=api.xsl

Here you will find an attribute called Epics. Or

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Epic?xsl=api.xsl

Here you will find the reciprocal called Requests.

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In fact, the metadata showed me that there is an Attribute "Requests" and his reciproque for Request which is "Epics". These attributes are not displayed unless using the selection parameter:


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