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First off I would like to say that I am new to sublime text editor and I love it. I have no experience with JSON, however it does not seem difficult at all.

I am trying to write a build system that will call a bash script that will move a makefile into the directory that I am working and call that makefile, which will compile my c code with avr-gcc and then flash it to a connected microcontroller using avrdude.

I realize that sublime text 2 can only have one "cmd" object so I tried calling everything on one line from a terminal emulator and it worked exactly how I intended it to. The call was:

checkAVRmakefile.sh $PWD; make PROJECTNAME+=hello install

my script is in a directory on my $PATH environment variable and I pass it the directory that I am working in so it checks there for the makefile and if it isn't there it copies it from the directory that I have where I keep all of my makefiles. Then I call make and pass it the name I with the project to be called and the install flashes the avr microcontroller.

What I do with sublime is this:

"cmd":[ "checkAVRmakefile.sh", "$file_path", ";" ,"make","PROJECTNAME+=$file_base_name","install"],

This only runs the bash script which puts the makefile in the directory but does not run make.

Does anyone see where I went wrong?

Any help is appreciated. I also asked a question similar to this on the sublime forums but no one has answered. Also I am on Ubuntu and am using ST2.

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I found what my problem was. It was a combination of my bash script not handling spaces in my directory names and me not using the shell:true object corectly in the build system. So what works now is:

   "cmd":["check.sh $file_path && make PROJECTNAME+=$file_base_name install"]


It seems that with the shell:true object I don't need every input in the cmd list to be in quotes, just one long string.

(thanks to u/Scoo_ from reddit for suggesting the fix) Hope this helps some one else out

EDIT (17-3-2014): I have uploaded the files that I use for building my AVR projects to my git hub: https://github.com/Jesse-Millwood/AVR-Stuffs.git

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Where is check.sh stored? I'm trying the same thing but it never finds the script –  Ozkan Mar 17 at 11:28
check.sh is just a shell script I wrote to check if the make file is in the directory or not. It is pretty short and not very complicated. But that is in my /home/jesse/bin folder, which I have made sure is in my $PATH. If the make file isn't in the project directory, it copies a make file I have for AVR projects to the project directory. –  Jesse Mar 17 at 13:00
Ozkan I added a link to my git hub page where I have the files I use for AVR projects if you are interested –  Jesse Mar 17 at 14:26
Thank you so much! –  Ozkan Mar 17 at 14:35
Yeah, let me know if you have any more questions! –  Jesse Mar 17 at 15:11

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