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We are required to support only IE8 and IE9 and no other browsers. When using Chrome or Firefox all I get is a blank page (the host page). Is there a way to detect or be informed that no js file was found for that browser? Or do I have to look at the user agent myself in the host page and show message if the browser is not IE8 or IE9?

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There are different ways to solve this problem, but the usual gwt way is using Deferred-Binding

Just create a class for loading the app code and instantiate it using GWT.create() in your onModuleLoad. Then you can have different implementations of the class for each permutation.

  package mynamespace.client;

  public class MyEntryPoint implements EntryPoint {

    public void onModuleLoad() {
      // create the appropriate implementation of the App class
      App app = GWT.create(App.class);
      // call the method to load the application.

    // Default implementation
    public static class App {
      public void onLoad() {
        Window.alert("This App is only supported in IE");

    // Implementation for IE
    public static class AppIE extends App {
      public void onLoad() {
        Window.alert("This is a supported Browser");

Define which implementation use per each user-agent in your .gwt.xml file:

  <replace-with class="mynamespace.client.MyEntryPoint.AppIE">
    <when-type-is class="mynamespace.client.MyEntryPoint.App"/>
         <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie6"/>
         <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie8"/>
         <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie9"/>

IMO, I think the nocache.js bootstrap script should have a mechanism to alert the user when there is no permutation for a specific browser. Maybe calling the gwt:onLoadErrorFn (see my comment at gwt issue#8135)

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Agree, it would be nice to get a callback from bootstrap script if no permuation was found. But in your solution above I still have to create permutations for all browsers, right? – per_jansson Oct 10 '13 at 8:52
Yes that is the problem. But one advantage is that you can show to the user a customized screen informing about the issue. – Manolo Carrasco Moñino Oct 10 '13 at 8:54

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