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I've received a request asking if it's possible to stream live video to a web site. The person requesting this has a notebook running MacOS, a professional camera that can be connected up using Firewire and a web site with PHP/MySQL.

What solutions exist to stream the video out on the Internet and, if practical, what would be necessary to display the live video on a web page in programming terms ?

Edit: There are these topics on stackoverflow but I'm not sure if they're relevant:

There is also this page over at

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top of my head, VLC Media Player. It has the ability to stream Live Video from a given capture device. There is a how to guide here.

One shortcoming I noticed is the end user must have VLC installed as well. But I am sure there is a way around it with enough research.

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Apparently VLC can act as a streaming server (see diagram on the apple page). That leaves the question of whether it's possible to relay the stream to a web site and diffuse it as you would with a stream from a webcam. – James Poulson Dec 18 '09 at 14:51

After some searching, it appears that the solution might be as simple as entering some html markup to point a player to the streaming server. I'm still unsure of this, however, and some tests will need to be carried out.

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"as simple"... except that you actually need a streaming server to do this. - There are free ready-made solutions is one of them. – vbence Apr 25 '11 at 9:37

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