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I am a first stepper on Ruby. (and REST APIs) Makerbot 3D printer user community thingiverse is providing REST API to download .stl files. I am making simple ruby plugin for Google sketchup to bring downloaded file to the scene.

How does API works on ruby? Is following simple code supposed to be?

 require 'net/http'
 url = URI.parse('')
 resp = http.request(url).body

Anybody can explain(or introduce reference) how REST API on Ruby works?

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Based on your sample, you're not really using REST, or are only using GET from REST.

The simplest URI to HTTP request library for Ruby is built-into the language: Open::URI, and can do this easily:

require 'open-uri'
body = open('').read

You can do it using Net::HTTP, which is also built-in, or other external-to-Ruby gems, but Open::URI is there and will handle this request simply. Net::HTTP is underneath Open::URI and will require a lot more code for a reasonably robust interface.

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Take a look to this Thingiverse API Ruby Gem.

Or consider writing your on API wrapper with Ruby:

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Check out the REST Client gem.

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