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I have an Access form which uses SQL to populate dropdowns. This SQL is using a value in the form for a combo box cb_Priority, such as:

SELECT ProjectPriorities.ProjectPriority FROM ProjectPriorities WHERE (((ProjectPriorities.[mType])=[Forms]![testQuery]![mType].value)); 

In other words, I am using the current recordset to populate a dropdown on the form.

I would like to call the following when a user moves between records (ie which one is currently displayed in the form).


This repopulates the form dropdown correctly.

However, I cannot find the event for what I would imagine to be something like


How I trigger this .Requery method to allow it to run each time the userform updates to a different record?

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The event you are looking for is: Form_Current.

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Thanks. I'm so glad this method was named in such a way which intuitively makes sense... –  enderland Oct 10 '13 at 13:24

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