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I've been trying to solve this problem by using FluidSynth with SDL_Mixer.

I am using the latest versions, SDL_Mixer 1.2.12 (DLL from official website) and FluidSynth 1.1.6 (DLL from here) on Windows, which should work with each other.

I've renamed the FluidSynth DLL to "libfluidsynth.dll" in accordance with SDL_Mixer and placed it next to the "SDL_Mixer.dll". I've passed the absolute and relative path to the sf2 through SDL_SetSoundFonts(), SDL_SOUNDFONTS, and even SDL_putenv(). I've tried putting the call before and after Mix_OpenAudio().

However, when I play back a MIDI file through SDL_Mixer, I still only get the default Timidity++ output. Mix_GetError() returns no messages. What am I missing?

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