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How can I get access to Document object when I have it's EmbeddedDocument object? For example:

class ToySale(EmbeddedDocument):
    end_time = FloatField()
    percentage = IntField()

    def super_price(self):
        # I want to get access to Toy Document, something like that
        return self.toy.price - (self.percentage * self.toy.price / 100)

class Toy(Document)
    sale = EmbeddedDocumentField(ToySale)
    price = IntField()

Django ORM has analogous 'related_name' mechanism, but in mongoengine ORM I have not found anything like this.

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Did not get your question. What are you trying to do. Get Toy by ToySale? – alexvassel Oct 10 '13 at 5:53

You can get document by EmbeddedDocument fields.

For example by end_time:


By percentage:


By both:

Toy.objects(sale__end_time=3.14, sale__percentage=3)

If you already have EmbeddedDocument for example toy_sale you can do something like this:

Toy.objects(**{'sale__' + key: value 
               for key, value in toy_sale.to_mongo().items()
               if not key.startswith('_')})

or just:


See documentation: http://mongoengine-odm.readthedocs.org/en/latest/guide/querying.html#filtering-queries.

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You've given me an idea. – zen11625 Oct 10 '13 at 11:03
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Problem solved.

class ToySale(EmbeddedDocument):
    end_time = FloatField()
    percentage = IntField()
    uid = IntField()

    def super_price(self):
        toy = Toy.objects(sale__uid=self.uid)  # get Document by EmbeddedDocument
        return toy.price - (self.percentage * toy.price / 100)
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