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When i was trying to install new application in WAS 6.1, I have given the .war file i've created for SampleApplication.

The SampleApplication.war is successfully running in Tomcat server, but when i tried to deploy it in WAS 6.1, following error was shown.

The exception **IWAE0022E** Exception occurred loading deployment descriptor for module `"SampleApplication.war" in EAR file "C:\Appllications\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer2\profiles\AppSrv01\wstemp\3506402\upload\SampleApplication_war.ear" ocurred. Check log for details.`

The context root i've given as /SampleApplicaion.

So what would be the problem and how to resolve this??

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I would:

  • check the log for more information as instructed
  • if memory serves, WAS 6.1 is a Servlet 2.4 container, so check that the deployment descriptor (web.xml) validates against the 2.4 schema (or 2.3 or 2.2 DTD if you're writing to those specs)
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+1 Yeah its worked McDowell.. I have configured my web.xml to Servlet 2.4 version. And now its fine. –  i2ijeya Dec 21 '09 at 11:40

Found by googling IWAE0022E

Cause The display-name tag should come before the servlet-name tag.

Resolving the problem Load enterprise application in a developer tool and look at the web.xml From web.xml in the WebSphere Application Resource (WAR) , the following is seen:


The correct order is: First "display-name" then "servlet-name", like the example below:


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