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Is it possible, while debugging a Silverlight app, to view all current references to an object?

I know that WPF developers have the ability to use the SOS.dll, but that cannot be loaded in the VS2008 IDE while debugging a Silverlight app. I've tried it, but the load command gives me the error:

.load C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.40818.0\sos.dll

SOS not available while Managed only debugging. To load SOS, enable unmanaged debugging in your project properties.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable unmanaged debugging for a Silverlight app through the VS2008 IDE. I've also tried to the 'Attach To' the process, but still, no dice.

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I'm not sure if its possible from VS2008, but if you download and run WinDbg as part of the debugging tools for windows and you can attach on to a process hosting a silverlight plugin.

Once you attach you can run the following to use SOS:

.loadby sos coreclr

There are some examples out there for tracking down managed memory leaks, etc:

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