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My present coding for uploading images If my coding is hackable, Let me know how will you do it. I will try it myself in my server.

if ((strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/jpeg" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/pjpeg" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/gif" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/x-png" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/png") && ($_FILES["user_image"]["size"] < 4194304)) {         
            if(strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/jpeg" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/pjpeg"){    
                $image_source = imagecreatefromjpeg($_FILES["user_image"]["tmp_name"]);
            // if uploaded image was GIF
            if(strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/gif"){   
                $image_source = imagecreatefromgif($_FILES["user_image"]["tmp_name"]);
            // if uploaded image was PNG
            if(strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/x-png" || strtolower($_FILES["user_image"]["type"]) == "image/png"){
                $image_source = imagecreatefrompng($_FILES["user_image"]["tmp_name"]);

This is the upload method which i am using.

We can use move_uploaded_file and imagick to upload the files.

Question :

** How will you hack my image uploading code? ( I tried with fake jpeg header and php-gd cleans the file. )
** Why do you tell move_uploaded_file is secured than imagecreatefrom[type] (If you say my method is not secured)

I just moved to nginx. How do i disable all the script execution in uploading directory? php, sh, cgi, ...

location /uploads/ { 
  location ~ .*\.(php)?$
    deny all; 

** I have never tried imagick to upload files to server. I am using it to process the images.

Or do i need to combine those to upload a file a secured way?

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For Nginx, To disable the execution of scripts, your way is correct. To disallow more script types,

location ~* ^/(upload|images|more_dirs)/.*\.(php|php5|sh|more_types)$ 
    deny all; 
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