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Is there a way to determine if a wma file is DRM'd? I'd like to be able to do this in a trusted, out of browser Silverlight 4 application so pinvoke isn't an option. I supposed I could just try to play the file in a MediaElement but that doesn't seem efficient.

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Yes, check the MediaElement State during StateChanged event and you should be able to figure out if the video is DRMed or not.

There's a code sample @ "Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Detecting DRM State".

Quick word of friendly advise, since you're obviously going to work with DRM in Silverlight and you're lacking basic knowledge how that works - read the whole article. It'll do you a world of good.

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This is exactly what I needed - thanks Justin! – James Cadd Dec 20 '09 at 15:56

Is file local or remote? For a local file you can read first N Kb of a file, parse ASF header and check if WMDRM headers are present.

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