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Is there a common or accepted guidelines about documenting XSL stylesheets?

The purpose is to share between developers a good way do document our XSL code:

  • which comments before templates declaration;
  • how to comment parameters;
  • ...


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as far as "common or accepted guidelines" are concerned, I'm afraid there is no general consensus about XSL stylesheet documentation.

However, many years ago, I wrote a documentation framework for XML structures that you might find useful - you can find it at (shameless plug) http://xdc.sourceforge.net/

Be warned however; the code is quite obscure (written in XSLT itself!) and not too well tested.

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It is what I was searching for: You use standard way to document XML/XSL files. I would just add global variables documentation. –  Alex Nov 11 '13 at 17:09

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