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There is a simple table of news articles: [ id | title | body | created ].

What is the best way to create a simple news archive using smarty from a full collection of articles ordered by created date?

In the format:

  • 2009
    • 12.11. Title
    • 03.03. Title
    • 01.01. Title
  • 2008
    • 11.12. Title
    • 04.03. Title
    • 02.03. Title
    • 16.02. Title
  • 2007
    • ...
    • ...

    {foreach item=p from=$news}
    <li>{$p->created} {$p->title}</li>
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I think you might need to rephrase your question if you want an answer. I'm afraid it currently doesn't make sense. – Toby Allen Dec 29 '09 at 11:20
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There are 2 ways

  1. You create the structure in Smarty
  2. You group results from db by year

The first would go

$rows = $db->query('select year, title from news');
$smarty->assign('news', $rows);

// smarty code
{if count($rows) > 0}
  {assign var=lastYear value=0}
  {foreach name=foo from=$rows item=item}
    {if $}
    {elseif $lastYear != $row.year}
    {assign var=lastYear value=$row.year}

The other one is to group the values in php:

$rows = $db->query('select year, title from news');
$news = array();
foreach($rows as $row) {
  $news[$row['year']][] = $row['title'];

$smarty->assign('news', $news);

// smarty code
{foreach from=news key=year item=rows}
  {foreach from=$rows item=row}

The choice is up to you

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