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I'm trying to extract subelements from an XML stream using the node 'xml2js' module.

The stream I'm working with is in the following form:

<apiname version="1.0">

    ... contents

    ... contents

    ... contents


i.e. the initial root tag is never closed. I only care about some of the subelement types --- say, elem_type_2. My current strategy is to discard the root tag before trying to parse anything, and then to put xml2js in 'non-strict' mode so that it doesn't choke on the spaces between the child elements. This works, but has introduced another issue: sometimes, xml2js now emits two json documents for a given tag.

So... I'm now trying to work out whether there is a way to leave the xml2js parser in strict mode, and extract json documents for the subelements before reaching the (nonexistent) close tag.

I assume this must be possible by listening for "endElement" events, and then checking to see whether the closed element is one of interest, but it's not clear to me how to then extract the element as a json document?

Am I on the right track with this line of thought? Any input would be much appreciated - this seems like it should be a common task, but so far my searches on google and stackoverflow haven't found me an answer!

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