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So im trying to show my feeds from the file feed.php (its rss) on my frontpage index.php.. But its like it cant read my inputs 'item' 'title' etc from feed.php when i load it to the index.php.... however, there doesnt seem to be any trouble in feed.php itself

Index.php i have following code

$feed = simplexml_load_file('feed.php');
$counter = 0;
$amount = 5;
foreach($feed->channel->item as $item){
 while ($counter<$amount) {
  echo utf8_decode("<a href='{$item->link}'>{$item->title}</a><br>");
  echo utf8_decode("<i>{$item->pubDate} </i><br>"); 
  echo utf8_decode("{$item->description} <br><br>");
$counter ++;

And this in feed.php

<rss version="2.0">
  <title>This is the title</title>
   <description>Just a testpage</description>
   require_once 'dbconn.php';

   $sql = "SELECT * FROM feeds";
   $obj_result = $obj_con->query($sql);
   while ($row = $obj_result->fetch_object()) { 
     <title><?php echo $row->artikel_title; ?></title>
     <link><?php echo $row->artikel_url; ?></link>
     <description><?php echo $row->artikel_tekst; ?></description>
     <author><?php echo $row->artikel_forfatter; ?></author>
     <category><?php echo $row->artikel_kategori; ?></category>
     <subDate>Fri, 05 Jul 2013 15:29:07 +0200</subDate>

I tried to print it on index.php and it gives me outputs like

[author] => SimpleXMLElement Object

Its like they are empty.. While it get the subDate (as the only one)

[subDate] => Fri, 05 Jul 2013 15:29:07 +0200

Probably due to subDate is the only one i didnt take out from the database.. So what do i have to make different to make it work with data from my database..?

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if feed.php , u must put all the xml strings in a variable like $my_xml ,

then after php codes , use header ("Content-Type:text/xml"); to change the file type into xml.

then echo the $my_xml .

just it

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