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I'm trying to make tableView with select-all checkbox on spine.js and coffeescript. I cant understand how i can bind select-all click to select all models in table. "select-all" checkbox is rendered at UserList view. ItemView code:

class UserItem extends Spine.Controller
    className: 'user-item'
    tag: 'tr'

        'input[type="checkbox"]': 'checkbox'

        'click input[type="checkbox"]': 'itemChbClicked'

    constructor: ->
        @item.bind("update",  @render)
        @item.bind("destroy", @remove)

    render: ->
        @html require('views/user/item')(@item)

    remove: =>

    itemChbClicked: (e) -> 
        @item.selected =':checked')

ItemList code:

class UserList extends Spine.Controller
    className: 'user-list'

        '.items': 'items'
        ".select-all": "select_all_chb"

    constructor: ->

        @html require('views/user/list')()
        User.bind("create", @addOne)
        User.bind("refresh", @addAll)

    addOne: (user) =>
        view = new UserItem(item: user)

    addAll: =>

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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It looks like you're close. In UserList create the select_all_chb function and have it change the users:

class UserList
  select_all_chb: =>
    User.each (user) ->
      user.selected = true

Since you've bound the "change" event to "render", all the checklist items will be redrawn.

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