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I have a little network with a client and a server, and I'm testing the FrameRate, changing the dimension of the packet. Particulary, I have an image, changing threshold, I extract keypoints and descriptors and then I send a fixed number of packets (with different dimension with different threshold). Problems happen when udp packets are under MTU dimension, reception rate decrease and frame rate tend to be constant. I verify with wireshark that my reception times are correct, so isn't a server code problem.

this is the graph with the same image sends 30 times for threshold with a 10 step from 40 to 170.

i can't post the image so this is the link

Thanks for the responces

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I think that none will interest this answer, but we arrived to the conclusion that the problem is a problem in wifi dongle's drivers.

The trasmission window does not go under a determined time's threshold. So under a determined amount of data while time remains constant, decreases.

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