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I have mime type defined

Mime::Type.register "text/html", :demo

and controller which looks like this:

  caches_page :show
  def show

  def render_location
    respond_to do |format|
      format.html {
        expires_in 3.days, :public=>true
      format.demo {
        headers['Content-type']  = 'text/html'
        render 'fields.html.erb', layout:nil
      format.json do
        out = {
          :promo_text => 'text',
          :currencies => 'eee'
        render json: out

Route is set lite this:

get '/prefix/*place', to: 'locations#show', as: 'location', defaults: {format:'html'}

For some reason file in cache folder is saved with .demo extension even when I request for "prefix/some-place"

I can't understand why this happens.

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I found that custom extension must be defined with register_alias if it shares Content-type with another presentation.

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