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I have a Blogger blog and I wrote a blog entry in the Visual editor. The result looks very cheap: http://ceeprojects.blogspot.hu/2013/10/cee-central-and-eastern-europe.html

I checked the source code of the blog and see that blogger did not inserted a new paragraph after I pressed enters, so the post's source is a mess. In wordpress there are a new paragraph after every enter and a nice space after its last sentence. I tried to add a margin-bottom value to each paragraph, but since my entry doesn't contain them, it was no result.

How can I format my blog now?

Here's the image: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/706/hjv1.jpg/

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Log in to blogger.

Select your Blog,Then go to Posts.

Click on edit for the post you want to edit.

Then click on "HTLMl" next to "compose" at the top left.

You can edit the html of the post here.

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