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i'm trying to get the client-id (or connection-id) of a message consumer through a message in JMS.

Is there a way to get it, when i'm only have access to a received message (like in the onMessage method of the MessageListener interface)?

Short: i have a jms message and i want to know the client-id of the consumer who received the message

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A Connection object is a client's active connection to its JMS provider. It typically allocates provider resources outside the Java virtual machine (JVM). Method of Connection Interface provides following method.

String getClientID() throws JMSException

This value is specific to the JMS provider. It is either preconfigured by an administrator in a ConnectionFactory object or assigned dynamically by the application by calling the setClientID method.

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Ok, so i need the instance of the Connectionclass and i don't have a chance to get the client-id only through a instance of the Messageclass? –  Ehler Oct 10 '13 at 14:06
yes you have to take the instance of the connection class for getting the client-id.there is no scope to get the client-id through Message class instance. –  pnathan Oct 11 '13 at 5:39

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